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The Beauty of Motherhood

Motherhood I never imagined being a mother of 3. All I ever wanted was a girl. I started "mothering" my beautiful god sisters (6 total) at the age of 10 or 11. I babysat, combed hair, bathed and dressed them. They were my human dolls.

When I had my first son at 16....9 lb 5oz's, I had no idea what I was doing. I knew my job was to feed, bathe and clothe him......and give him everything I never had....including a backyard. Boy....did that backfire on me.

I learned how to love and nurture the best way I knew how. Antonio was the cleanest lil toddler. I even had his ear pierced when he was a yr old.

Then came LaDarius 7 years later at the age of 23. A very complicated pregnancy in the beginning but it was worth birthing this 10 lb 5oz baby boy. What an amazing kid. He was just a funny baby. Very protective and he loved his big brother. Their relationship to this day is one that I've silently admired and am a tad bit proud of. I love their love for one another.

After LaDarius, I gave up on having a girl. I was scared I was gonna have another boy. But I started to get the baby itch for whatever reason around year 7.....again.

When I found out I was pregnant with my baby entire world changed....literally. I didn't know children were such gifts from God until my pregnancy with Londyn. I was 30 yrs old. I had matured quite a bit and I was just on a serious path of growth during that time in my life.

Londyn was my first premature and cesarean birth. I went through so much trying to keep this baby in my belly. She came here at 35 weeks gestation and weighed 7lbs. Like how are you a "whole" premature baby.

Londyn stayed in the NICU for two weeks. I was there morning, noon and night. I didn't know how to be home without my baby. Our forever bond was created here.

As I think about my journey of motherhood, I am grateful to God for showing me the correct way of doing it. The warrior that I am now was birthed from the enemy trying to attack my children. Each one of them. I didn't even know that "I" existed. My fervent prayer life was birthed here. My ability to love harder was birthed here. I am a mother.

To every mother, I salute you. Love your children. Push your children. Pour into your children. Forgive your children.

To the grieving, you're always on my mind and heart. Remember the happy times. Don't allow those to fade. My prayers are with you.

Happy Mother's Day

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