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As I sit here on April 23, 2018 doing a little research for my speaking engagement for UnMasked Women.....I reflect on my first journal insertion on April 20, 2016.....I spoke about this journal a few weeks ago because it was a new journal and #420 has such a different meaning to me than that of society. My son was in jail. He was not in his right mind. We had not heard from him.....but all I wrote about were prayers and issues of others....for 7 days.....God would not allow me to focus on my child but the needs of his children.

I believe that is what's going on in the world today, we are so consumed and trying to be in control of #whereweare.....that we cannot see/hear the pain of others.

When all of this went down on February 26, 2016......I #KNEW it was a God moment......and He made me a promise on February 28, March, April, May and June......I had to focus on what I could not #SEE.....and I had to #believe that God was in total control. I took my hands off. I kept my mouth closed......and I #WAITED......Can you trust God in times of crisis and not waiver?

I am researching the effects of anti psychotic medication and it is humbling. I know it was nothing but the Grace and supernatural power of God that healed my son.

I cannot wait to see you all at this event!

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