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April 1, 2016 Renee was in the midst of a storm. On that day she made a post on social media that said the following:

"Everything we go through is allowed by God. 




From that moment on, the word "S.O.A.R." grabbed a hold of Renee and she started praying and asking God what "SOAR." was about. By day 3, God had given Renee, "Sisters Overcoming Adversity.....but she did not have the "R". So Renee started searching. After a few searches, the word Remnant dropped in her spirit. She read the definition and wasn't too sure at first so she kept searching. Finally, Renee found what she was looking for and was able to come up with the mission statement for her new baby:


A group of God-fearing people who survive the persecutions inspired by Satan now and in the near-future. Those who prevail are promised wonderful blessings and rewards for their faithfulness.  


S.O.A.R has hosted several powerful events thus far with one being a Vision Board party in August 2016 and to commemorate it's 1 year anniversary, Renee held her very first Women's Empowerment Seminar April 1, 2017. 

At the vision board party, Renee' attached photos of an event where thousands of people had their hands lifted and she titled the event #The360..... she anticipated the response of those in attendance. Renee found a cut out a sentence that read:  "This was a life-changing event". 


August 5-7 2017 year Renee held her very first Women's Retreat titled "Choose Joy!" The only expectation she had and desired was for God to show up and show out and let's just say, He did not disappoint! God moved in a mighty, miraculous way. 13 women came out to be revived, refeshed and restored. 

Renee's Kingdom assignment with S.O.A.R. is to build God's Kingdom through helping hurting, broken women and reminding them that they are not alone. To identify the hidden, deep-rooted issues within that lay dormant. To uproot and pluck out every word curse that has been spoken over their lives. To assist them in overcoming adversity through studying God's Word and to always remind them we've already won!


 "We overcome by the blood of the lamb and by the words of our testimony". Rev 12:11

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